Doujin Game: DynaMarisa (ダイナマリサ)

If you love action adventure game with girl carrying big guns, maybe this will be your choice of game. DynaMarisa let’s you control a chibi Marisa Kirisame and you can select a weapon of your choice to defeat the enemies with. There are 5 difficulties in playing this game and I think the hardest one is Nightmare (or is it lunatic?). I think this game is a parody of Earth Defense Force 2017 since Marisa uses bazooka for killing her enemies.

Unfortunately, I can’t find an English patch for this game so if anybody has the link to the English patch, please let me know. However, this game probably doesn’t need to much understanding on Japanese because your main objective is to defeat the enemy that is in your way.

Be careful on playing this game since this game is a RAM eater. It makes your computer hot so I suggest playing it using a good PC (I don’t know about laptop since I don’t have them). So have fun playing this game and if you like it, don’t forget to support the creator by buying the game!

Download: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Official Website:


11 responses to “Doujin Game: DynaMarisa (ダイナマリサ)

  1. Externally looks good, but when i watched the video, i got the impression that the gameplay is too poor…

  2. Koolz game. And can we change the game to Fullscreen somehow, cause playing in 720p Windowed mode sure take lots of RAM.

  3. Same problem, no game application for me to click.
    No idea for where’s the game section or game tab. ._.

  4. When I install the english patch it gave me two errors revolving around the xdelta3 saying: ‘xdelta3: Source file too short: XD3_INTERNAL’ and ‘xdelta3: Target window checksum mismatch: XD3_INVALID_INPUT’

    Could I still play the game without any problems if I ignore it? Or is xdelta3 necessary for me to play the game?

  5. i’ve got some problem , there is no game application , there is just five file , .bin , .cue , and three pictures , what should i do ?

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