Doujin Game: Magical Battle Arena

This game is developed by Fly-System and it’s an aerial platform fighting game. In other word, you always have an on-the-air battle arena. Not only that, it is a crossover anime fighting game from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, Cardcaptor Sakura, Slayers, Magical Circle Guru Guru, Magical Girl Kirara & Sarara, and other original characters from Magical Battle Arena.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found an English patch for this and the patch or extensions provided just adds characters for the Survival mode. However, it is not a big problem since it is a fighting game. You only have to mash the button to defeat all your enemies.

This game, I think, pretty much resembles Psychic Force battle system if you ever play that kind of game.

Download Link:

Magical Battle Arena | Patch 1.05+

Extension Disc Lyrical Pack | Patch 1.54+

Complete Form | Patch 1.60+

Official Website:


29 responses to “Doujin Game: Magical Battle Arena

  1. This is like the PSP game of “The Battle of Aces” with characters from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, only this one has more characters from other series.

    If it uses the same system from BoA, then I can post the controls here if anyone wants.

    Thank you and *Downloads*.

  2. Nvm, the battle systems control are kinda different.

    @Torrigan: It’s from Magical Girl Kirara & Sarara, not an anime.

  3. thi game is also awesome, I recomend people to download the Complete Form, since it has the Nanoha and Fate from Strikers, the controls of the game are basicly like the DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi for PS2, if you ever played one of those, then you will feel the controls familiar.

    on a side note, there are 3 more character suposedly to be added to the roster, which are the 3 main heroines from Magic Knight Raveyard, this site

    also works as the homepage, there you will find a banner to the MBA area.

  4. Heh, i remember this game.
    Quite a bit of fun and till this day imo the best way to make your specials look awesome yet not unfair since you got that whole wide space to fly.

  5. Area-ZERO ,who also took part in developing this (website linked in Hello’s post), made a Touhou version called “Touhou Sky Arena”.. basically the same game, just with Touhou characters and different environments. Banner is also on the Area-ZERO front page. Not sure if the controls are the same as MBA, because when I first downloaded it a long time ago, the game kept crashing..

    Should try this one out :3

  6. i cant seem to play the game after i finished download it. It says that i’m missing something.

  7. I downloaded the complete form and patch 1.60+, but it doesn’t let me play the game each time I click the MBA icon. Do I have to download all the files and patches?

  8. I Was wondering if you could tell me how to install the patches. They wont open or do anything when I click them.

    • same for me~i waste my whole day dl all those files but it din work everytime i click the MBA icon it just pop out something and dont let mi play~ =( hope some1 can solve it for mi?

  9. Umm can someone help me please???>_< I always get an error that says Direct3D and then some other letters…I have been struggling with this for more than 2 months…Pleaseeee help…and thanks.:P

  10. who to instal this game?
    i’ve instal the 1st to the 3rd line of download part,
    but i can’t run it.
    i’m already change my local system language to japanese T_T


  11. Crap game doesn’t work PERIOD! (at least not on MS Virtual PC)

    I have directx9 installed on my computer. I also copied the the missing file d3dx9_40.dll (apparently needed for supporting some Japanese games, as it doesn’t come with the standard English installation of directx9) into my Windows\System32 folder. Now instead of saying it’s missing a DLL file, it gives me some junk about Direct3D not working!!!!!!!!

    I’m running the game in Microsoft Virtual PC, and it is set to use hardware virtualization (and yes my host PC has that capability), and yes my host system hardware does have 3d graphics capability (game runs fine on host system). Since the Virtual PC is leveraging the ACTUAL HARDWARE on my system, the game SHOULD WORK!!!!!!!! Why doesn’t it? Is there a workaround for this to let me play the game on my Virtual PC? Is the Direct3D error message a common one with a known workaround?

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