Cosplayer of the Day : 地獄遊戯(JIGOKUYUUGI)

This is gonna be a really fast one :D
I was very tempted to introduce her to everyone for quite sometime ,
but i don’t know what will you guys think about her. @ w @~
So I’m hoping to get some reponse :P

Her name is just JIGOKUYUUGI [Translation : Hell Game] , it’s abit weird for it to be her cosname, but i do find it unique ^ ^”…
Overall, I give her a thumbs up for her, double thumbs up for her cosplays and another double thumbs up+toes up for the epic photography skill for all of her photos.
P.S. ALL TOUHOU FAN ALERT!!~ She’s a Touhou Fan too!!! -jumps about and turns to Kesuki-

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11 responses to “Cosplayer of the Day : 地獄遊戯(JIGOKUYUUGI)

      • -patspats- Your not the only one!~
        I’m Touhou fan too!! :D
        There are more then 5 touhou characters i wanna cosplay and there’s already 3 are on my comfirm list :D [ Yukari , Izayoi , Reisen ]
        I also downloaded Gbs and Gbs of song album and photos from torrent~ [ But i lost all due to harddisk crash T ^ T ]

      • =o
        I would like to see them sometime =D
        *looks at time*
        I has to get to class now =x
        Be back later!

    • Oh you~
      I know I is not special enough to influence everyone!
      Now Souza is indeed capable of such a feat =D
      *attempt at flattering Souza #1*

  1. Theres something about her Mokou cosplay thats awesome. If there’s more please do not hesistate hehe.

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