Doujin Game: Croixleur

Croixleur is a survival action adventure game where you control a red twin-tailed hair girl named Lucrezia Visconti and defeat all enemies that appear on the stage. The adventure genre is a little bit misleading because it is actually just bashing enemies and teleports to an upper level where it is just the same as before but with more and difficult enemies.

It is a repetitive game, since you just collecting money on the enemies you defeated and level your way up. You can buy weapons with the money you collected and gain new skill when leveling up. It’s a fun game if you have a little time to spare and aiming for a quick play without paying so much attention to the story.

The version that is available here to download is 1.10 and unfortunately there is no English patch. However, I’m sure you can manage your way to the controls since the download file include you with a config to modify the controls. Have fun!

Download Link:


6 responses to “Doujin Game: Croixleur

  1. Addicting… So far I’ve gotten a few of Lucrezia’s swords and I’ve been able to chain them together into a combo string! I’ll post here again once I translate the sword names and their attack sequences.

  2. Okay, so here’s what I have so far: (please don’t ask me for a translation of the sword names yet!)

    Lucrezia’s basic sword:
    Special: magic ball that takes about 50% of Lucrezia’s MP
    Trigger: Shift + assigned button (ground only) [Default is Z]

    Thin Blue Blade
    Special: Quick 2-hit uppercut
    Trigger: Shift + assigned button (ground to air)

    Red/Purple Blade with Blue Handle
    Special: Air-to-ground 360-degree slash
    Trigger: Shift + assigned button (air to ground, 45 degrees down)

    Thick, Broad Blade
    Special: heavy downward slash with shockwaves
    Trigger: Shift + assigned button (straight downward fall + small shockwave)

    Knight’s Jousting Lance
    Special: straight line dash
    Trigger: Shift + assigned button (ground only, straight line forward)

    Yellow-Reddish Blade that looks like Flames
    Special: aerial 360-degree slash
    Trigger: Shift + assigned button (in air only)

    Special: ground to air 360-degree slash
    Trigger: Shift + assigned button (ground to air 45 degrees)

    Special: slow wind-up ground only near 360-degree slash
    Trigger: Shift + assigned button

    I’ve acquired them after clearing out certain “levels”… And I noticed that Lucrezia gains full autoguard once she starts what I call the “spin attack” [default is V]. She has an initial of 5, and you can get one more once you gather 100 coins. If you’re already at max spinatks, each 100 coins would get you a time bonus.

    You can also select up to 4 weapons for Lucrezia, and chain them into combos. My usual set up is the thin blue -> flame -> broadsword -> katana.

    Once you get to the final boss, time your release of the spin attack to get the most benefit from her autoguard. I haven’t tested yet if Lucrezia is still safe from the lightning bolts once she starts spinning. And yes, you can spam attacks in the air and link that with your weapon “release/trigger” abilities.

  3. If you are using default controls, Shift + [Z/X/C/V].

    The triggers depend on where you are (on the ground/in the air). Please refer to the list I posted.

    The triggers and their “trigger locations” (where you can switch weapons/trigger their “abilities”) are also included.

    Happy gaming, bro!

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