Otaku House Cosplay Idol 2011

All of a sudden kazasou just came to my submission and asked ” Why am I not hearing your report about this event on the blog? So how was it?” *Breaks in sweat*

So…There’s the reason why i’m late on notifying everyone about this major worldwide competition ^ x ^””
Otaku House was just a normal Singapore Retail Outlets that sells Anime items and cosplay items for the Otakus. But now, it has changed into a well known Cosplay shop that sells their merchendise  to all around the world. They have also been featured in tons and tons of different medias! And now, they’ve finally held their 1st ever Cosplay competition!
Those who are worry that they won’t be able to make it into the competition, don’t worry!! There’s still quite a period of time to join/vote in the competition as the dateline for joining is at 31st July 2011 [YAY my birthday!!]

Roughly explaining on how to vote, Go to Otaku House[Facebook] and “Like” the page, when your done, just go to any album you want and “Like” the photo you wanna vote. It’s really that simple ^ ^!~

Click to view and vote for the current entries:

Click to view and vote for TRT authors that have joined:

– For more infomation about joining the competition click HERE.
– For more infomation about the details of the competition click HERE.

All Image from : Otaku House [ Facebook]


3 responses to “Otaku House Cosplay Idol 2011

  1. :O
    W00t thanks for sharing this! I am currently doing a cosplay for a convention here in Toronto thats next week, I’m going to tweak it a bit after then enter it into this competition ~(*W*)~

  2. Thank you Aiko-senpai for posting this. I hope everyone viewing this blog would support us!!! :)

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