Cosplay : Code Geass – Anya Alstreim

Lucky for me , compare to the previous article for Cosplay character(Suigintou) i have to over look 6000+ image to find the perfect one , this time i only need to search within 3000+ this time , so… although i put in alot of hard work and took quite sometime on every of this article , i think it’s worth it as long as you guys love them. ;X -rebuilding my cosplay collection <3-

Acturally …I wanted to do an article on Denpa onna to seishun otoko – Erio Tōwa today but i couldn’t find enough cosplay of hers, So i’ll save her for next time  T ^ T -Is addicted to the anime and is waiting for next episode!-

So instead, I’ll will be doing this article on…

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 – Anya Alstreim.
The 1st thing that came to my mind when someone mention her name , it will be “Nya! Neko!”. This little hot pink loli is only 15 years old and she looks super moe~

My 1st suggestion for people to cosplay her is to have 2 curly extension for her ponytail at the back and also try not to self-make her cape unless you have high confident with art and is very sure that you will be able to make the symbol nice. For her tattoo , it’ll be nice to just go to a tattoo shop and ask for a temporary tattoo ^ ^

Her cosplay is rather simple if you look closely , they are just a stretchable mini top, white vest, whirt short with belt, pink stocking,black gloves and black boot, hair band and preferably red contact lenses.

All that matters is how you portrait her. She seldom show her emotion but that doesnt mean she don’t smile. So just give light expression for her and avoid giving big smile or anything that seem sarcastic to her.

It will also be nice to carry a digital camera/camera phone with you as prop because she likes to capture her memories and blog about it(She doesn’t trust her memories.) and stay close to Suzaku Kururugi and Gino Weinberg if you’re going with a group.( They are her close childhood friends)

Other then that, Enjoy~ :)

           Noa                     s・a・i               水乃シロ                     夢卯

        水乃シロ                  P (゜A゜) M                隣町とおる                れいちぇる

      ほもだいすき             北条&幽斗                   隣町とおる                   -aira-

         白雪姫乃                      A・はづき                           ???


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