Touhou : Eastern Garden Artbook (Sayori)

I’ve been ranting about me losing all my anime photo/show collection due to hard-disk failure. [God damn!! My anime collection T . T]
But , I got excited when i finally get back my Eastern Garden Artbook collection with an additional book 3 so i thought it will be nice to share with you guys  :D

 Eastern Garden 01:
Update!!! : Pages that have may have problem ,2 6 18 :)

 Eastern Garden 02:

Eastern Garden 03:
Update!!! : Pages that have may have problem 9 13 :)


Eastern Side [ Collab:Ideolo ]:
Update!!! : Pages that have may have problem ,2 & 3 :)

Feel free to check out their artwork, and do take a look at Sayori’s OC, Chocolat and Vallina (with caramell)~
P.S I love Sayori’s art the most!! [My most fav artist!!]

NEKOWORKs/Sayori : Website / Blog / Pixiv / Twitter / Mixi
NEKOWORKi/Ideolo : BlogPixiv


10 responses to “Touhou : Eastern Garden Artbook (Sayori)

    • Glad you do~ ^ ^
      -sobs- Yeah… they say if i want to recover my data…they will introduce me to a professional company who does recovery for hard-disk and it will cost around $500 ~ $2000 = =….

    • Yeah… -regretted deeply-
      Used to made tons of backup , but was over confident with my new harddisk so i didn’t know it will be broke within 1week of purchase = =…

  1. There there Arishige *patpat*
    you’ll get the anime back one day owo)/

    on and different note Eastern Garden 1 Cover, 2,6,18
    Eastern Garden 3 page 13
    Eastern Side page 1, 2 & 3
    are corrupted OTL

    • Slowly rebuilding now D:~

      Well… I tried and mine seems fine,
      Eastern Garden 1 Cover is Remilia and Flandre
      Eastern Side page 1 is Marisa and Sakuya
      For the rest , I’ll upload the pages here for you.
      Or some comp cant support .png format , just change to .jpg format ^ ^~

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