Code Geass: Illustration Relation Artbook

I don’t know if I’ve told you guys before, but I love Code Geass, Jun Fukuyama and Johnny Young Bosch. While I was browsing on Zerochan the other day (aka yesterday), I found an art book of Code Geass called Illustration Relation (yay for rhyming). I would have posted this earlier, but I was in Washington DC yesterday and didn’t get back until 7 at night. There was no time to blog since I had all this stuff to get ready for school tomorrow and my parents hate blogging at night.

Ahem, anyways, back to the Code Geass art book. I have only so much patience for downloading pictures, so this is basically what I could manage. If you want to see the rest of the art book and its 60 some images, go on Zerochan and hit the name of the art book into the search box. So…here it is without any further ado! (Since you guys surely don’t want me prattling on forever…)

Above you, as I’m sure you’ve noticed by now is an image of the guys of Code Geass. Sadly, Lloyd isn’t in this, though the great Earl of Pudding would have made this picture all the brighter. Anyways, if you need a refresher of the guys, the two in the front are Lelouch and Suzaku (if you don’t recognize those two, then you might seriously want to consider why you’re even reading this blog) and behind Lelouch is Rollo and Gino is behind Suzaku.

 I decided to give the girls a bit of screen time too. Obviously, here are two of the ‘Three Ladies of Lelouch’s Court’ as said by Kagura. Unfortunately, our little Japanese girl isn’t in this photo, which is really quite a pity, but you can enjoy what you have! It looks like Lelouch decided to take Kallen and CC out on an autumn afternoon for a brief stroll…at least I hope that it’s just a stroll. Man, this picture reminds me of the happier times before…well, I’m not going to say anything just in case those of you who are reading this haven’t finished the entire series yet. But anyways, let’s move on to the next picture before I get teared up!

Ah, one of the most complicated relationships in the entire series. You never know what’s going on between these two guys. In the first season, they fought against each other without knowing they were being pitted against their best friend. In the second season, they pretend to get along after Lelouch ‘loses his memory’. Both of them have such different views on Justice that I’m not too sure who to believe. But anyways, I kind of feel sad for them. Suzaku and Lelouch were best friends as little kids and they each took care of Nunally. Yet now they’re on opposite sides of a battle between Japan and Britannia, and the ironic thing is that Lelouch is hardly Japanese and Suzaku’s not Britannian.

You didn’t honestly think that I’d go through this album without taking out one picture of ‘Luluko’ did you? Lelouch makes such a convincing girl if you find him a great wig and a dress, it’s almost scary. Still, Euphemia, Nunally and Anya might be getting just a bit too affectionate in this picture. Ah well, it’s still one of my favorites. If you haven’t experienced much ‘Luluko’, watch the picture dramas of Code Geass. Not only do you have Lelouch as a girl in some episodes, but it’s just down right hilarious. But back to this picture…I love the colors used in it!

Well, last picture before I sign off for the night. This is CC, VV, and good old Emperor Charlie. I couldn’t just have one picture with our favorite green haired witch, so I got one more. What I mainly want to talk about though, is VV and Charles. It still sort of creeps me out that VV is Charle’s OLDER brother, since he looks like a ten year old girl with lots of menace. But then again, this is Code Geass, so I suppose there’s not much of a surprise. For those of you who haven’t been introduced to VV yet (he comes in in one of the last episodes of the 1st season), be prepared to dislike the guy…I thought he was a girl at first.


6 responses to “Code Geass: Illustration Relation Artbook

  1. Whoops, some of the pics didn’t show up…sorry guys, i’ll have to fix it tomorrow, I’m sleepy

  2. Wow, I seriously need to finish this anime. I know its good but I’m so busy i can’t. This post makes me wanna stay up all night watching the entire thing though.

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