On Watchlist: Alice Madness Return For PS3

I really am saving money for buying this game just because the blood and gore in this kid’s story inspired game. So, after the first game, Alice returns with more vengence to save the wonderland once again. If you don’t know the plot of this game, you must have not heard about Alice in Wonderland.

Now, this game is about alternate retelling of Alice in Wonderland. We know that wonderland is Alice’s escape world of her imagination. In the first game, the story ends with Alice being sent to Rutledge’s Insane Asylum after alledgely killing her parents (at least that’s what her psychosis is about).

11 years later, Alice moves to Victorian London to get psychiatric theraphy. Although she seems a little bit stable after 11 years, her repressed memories of her parents death came back to haunt her. Once again, Alice tried to escape from reality and seek refuge to wonderland which doesn’t help because of her verge of insanity has made Wonderland chaotic and twisted.

She now must try to defend her survival in the nightmare of her own imagination. A note of the gameplay, it improves dramatically in terms of amount of blood and gore and the excitements of controlling Alice’s combo move. I’m definitely going to grab on this game once it has been available to be purchased.


2 responses to “On Watchlist: Alice Madness Return For PS3

  1. mm yes this is something to look forward too~
    *is waiting on catherine as well*
    I hope this game turns out well =D

  2. I’m looking forward to this game as well, got it preordered for PC right now^^ it looks beautiful and fun to play.

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