Featured Cosplay Shot: Death Note Movie Poster


Ahem…I was browsing through the popular cosplay section of Deviantart and stumbled upon this by chance. In a way, this inspired me to introduce the ‘Featured Cosplay Shot’ segment of Randomness Thing. (We are quite getting into cosplay these days, aren’t we?) Anyways, this is a Death  Note cosplay that simply goes by ‘Movie Poster’. The reason it drew my attention so much was simply because the shot looks so surreal. The chipped off paint on the walls, the lighting, even the obviously weird Ryuk cosplay in the middle of the floor seems to give this photo a really eerie touch. I recommend you don’t look at it at like, midnight.

Anyways, my point isn’t to talk about the scenery (as much as I like it), but about the cosplayers. Alodia and Rick pull off a perfect Misa and L (their poses are very convincing). Light (Jan) and Ryuk (Diego) both seem a bit slouched and disinterested, or maybe it’s just my imagination. And Near (Cris) and Mello (Ashley) are looking great in the background.


9 responses to “Featured Cosplay Shot: Death Note Movie Poster

  1. Hey Night, did you confirm that you can upload this image to this blog? Because DeviantArt user can be a bitch sometimes, saying that this is stealing art or something.

    • Yeah, I know. Eventhough you never claim it yours, it’s just… I don’t know… I hate when people be so douchy about copyright you know? Anyway, let’s just wait until we got scolded, hahaha^^

  2. LOL, I know. I’m just joking around. Thank god I’m not one of those dA users who do that.

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