Doujin Game: Katsugeki Kidan – Dai Ni Maku

Another Touhou game and this time it’s an action platform genre. You will get to control Inubashiri Momiji and slay demons from the underworld. What makes this game interesting is that you will have a leveling up system and get a chance to buy weapons and add skills and stuff to make you stronger.

Too bad that I can’t find the English patch for this game so I guess you have to do a lot of guessing when it comes to story or items to buy. Sou-chan also said that you use a lot of “Shift” button in the game so be sure to turn off your sticky keys.

All the thing that has to be done next is just bash your way through the enemy. Happy playing, guys!

Download Link:


5 responses to “Doujin Game: Katsugeki Kidan – Dai Ni Maku

  1. When I try running the .exe program its appear “runtime error..bla3..”
    Dude please re-check it..

  2. Opps..sorry,I mistaken you as guy…pardon me..
    Anyway please upload more anime-style graphic please…its hard to find in my place..I really want it..

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