Doujin Game: Touhou Sky Arena

Next game for today would be another Touhou related game. This game is developed by Area/Zero and is a aerial stage fighting game. If you read previously about Magical Battle Arena, this game has the same gameplay as that game but now you can choose from a roster of Touhou characters.

However, the game has a harder control and basically you will have more chance in defeating the opponent by shooting a lot of projectiles to your opponent.

There is no English patch available at the moment (at least from what I’ve been searching through), but as I mention on the previous post, it’s a fighting game so I guess you will managed to get a hold of the control system in no time.

I have been not playing this game for a long time so if somebody has an update about the patch or anything related to this game, it will be greatly appreciated. So, I wish you have a great weekend enjoying the games posted here.

Download Link:



27 responses to “Doujin Game: Touhou Sky Arena

  1. Nice find!

    This looks like a fun game to try out and well done for a doujin. I am wondering though is there a place to download the song in the trailer along with the rest of the game sound track anywhere.

  2. Fun little game, now to just not lose so badly T__T

    also the patch keeps coming up as broken when i try to unzip it. tried downloading it again, still no work for me.

  3. Im having a bit of a problem with it…When I run it it starts up fine but when I actually pick a character and try to play It pops up with an error. It says there was a problem with TSA.exe my friend got it and he has no problem. Any suggestions as to a solution?

  4. I went to update my DirectX and it said it was already up to date. So just for the heck of it I tried it again and I had the same problem. U can run the other games with no problem so Im pretty confused about this whole thing. sorry for the trouble.

    • Try changing your system language and region settings to japanese. That sometimes is required to run doujin games. Especially so if your pc was purchased in the U.S.

      • Hmm, then it’s strange. It’s either your VGA card can’t support 3D rendering or perhaps your OS doesn’t support the game. What OS are you using? If Windows 7, maybe try to run the game with Windows XP compatibility. Or perhaps try to patch it first, maybe it will solve the problem.

    • Im running XP and none of that worked. Its cool tho ill stick to Magical Battle arena and Guitly Gear for my enjoyment. Thanks guys.

  5. the patch didn’t work although I download it twice… It always said something like this…

    When I try to unzip it:
    ! C:\Users\Zellrang\Downloads\Compressed\ Unexpected end of archive

    When I try use straight from the .rar
    ! C:\Users\Zellrang\Downloads\Compressed\ The archive is either in unknown format or damaged
    ! Cannot execute “C:\Users\Zellrang\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$EX00.865\東方スカイアリーナ 修正パッチVer1.02b\TSA_patch_Ver102b.exe”

    \/\/|This is the one that works…| \/\/
    so I find this one instead… for 1.02b patch

    and here for 1.11 and 1.10 patch

  6. Hey I have a Windows 8 and it doesnt run even though i run it on different compabilitys and in administrator and the pc is 32 bit

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