Black Rock Shooter Wallpaper Pack V2

So, I’ve noticed that for the longest time my most popular post, and one of the sites most popular as well, has been my Black Rock Shooter wallpaper pack, which only had about a dozen or so images. Since that post so long ago I’ve gathered many more wallpapers. I thought I would take the time to add all my new wallpapers, including the old ones, into a single convenient post. As a bonus I’ll also be adding in the entire Black Rock Shooter Visual Works, which features many Huke originals and images that appeared in the BRS music video and OVA trailer. Happy viewing, everyone.

Note: This is very large, 71 images in total so it may take some time to browse them all and I don’t have the means of putting them into a zip file and uploading it somewhere. If anyone feels like doing that for me, more power to you.


Second Note: Arashige Aiko added another 29 images, which are not shown here but are included in the zip file shown in the comments.


19 responses to “Black Rock Shooter Wallpaper Pack V2

    • Holy crap, nice job. I’m curious what your other 29 photos are, but I don’t feel like re-downloading all my pictures. Feel free to edit them into the post, however.

      • Hm. I thought for sure you could edit it, but it would require allowing the edit to take place afterwards. Oh well. I could edit my own post saying that you added some extra pics in.

      • Only I could edit your posts, HAHAHAHA. You can only edit your own post. And hello from Amsterdam, I’m fucking high right now!

  1. I compiled the images shown in the post into a zip file but I do not have the extra 29 images that Arishige Aiko added. Does anyone have the 29 extra images?
    I could fix the problem then.

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