Pixiv Girls Collection Artbook

I had a lot of free time on my hands and got this done. This is the Pixiv artbook from zerochan and it’s simply amazing. Of course, if you go on it all the time like me, you’ll always bump into this artbook in one way or another, but I thought you guys should have it. Unfortunately, my computer is very slow and I could not get all of the album uploaded as it is a considerable 180 some images. However, the few that I have selected are very exquisite in one way or another. If I get the chance, maybe I’ll upload some more in another post. But for right now, you may all have this:

Zipped Files: http://www.mediafire.com/?m8ls4zzy0bzl102


6 responses to “Pixiv Girls Collection Artbook

  1. Night , what’s the full title of this artbook?
    My pixiv girls artbook dl have just ended ytd midnight,
    if they’re gonna be the same thing , i dont want the post to clash > _ >

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