Cosplay : Puella Magi Madoka★Magica – Madoka Kaname

I have some time on my hands today =3=~
I’ve just finish the anime madoka last week [yesh…im very slow…] , and i visited quite a few different website , but is it me or just my imagination that madoka is currently 1 of the hot topic? @ _ @?
The anime was good for me , but i dislike the part that madoka only finally transformed at the very last episode and how kyubei being so cute can be so emotionless about human race = =!

Madoka~ Isn’t she innocent and cute , she’s so kind and all she want is for the happiness of everyone, she won’t mind about herself when she has the mindset of helping everyone.
So…I bet with you cosplay her , you must be all happy and cheerful :) Just be gentle and keep having wide smile too~ :D

Cosplaying her isnt that easy for me , or rather , i cant even cosplay her properly >.< She’s way too cute!! [And she’s fun size althought i don’t think it matters ;X]

So i’m gonna start with make up 1st ~ , make sure you guys use foundation and compact powder to make your face as flawless as possible.
Don’t use they highlight or anything that will make your face shape, keep them round , by doing that , it will enhance your cuteness xD
Blushes are the most important essence for her make up, colors preferably pink , baby pink will be good.

Wigs are kinda easy , don’t just get 1 pink base wig , get it with 2 short extension so you can fluff her hair~

Next up is her costume , all you need is to think like a kid ~
Like how little girls likes big bows & ribbons/fluffy & puffy dress/lace/pretty in pink  all this kind of imagination kids will have when they want a dream dress.
If her bows/ribbons on the costume are too small and the big one is hard to find in store , just buy facbric and sew it , here’s an example , and you can sew in the string and straps later on.
I would suggest you to make short pannier for her skirt to make it fluff up or you can buy/make a white tutu dress to wear below.
Another thing to remeber , try not to get very high heels for her red shoe because little girls don’t wear high heels , 1inch-2.5inch heels will do
Oh lastly~ don’t forget to add the cute touch to glove and shoe [ I mean bows and ribbons~] :X~

Weapon  is totally optionally since she only use it for a short time, either you DIY one [ which i have no idea how to do it]  or you hunt for it online >.<…

Now just enjoy~ :D

          ユセイ                     みいこ                    うりう                       ミサく

           はなこ             白川相也/alicyuki          ネネコ                     とうや

        香坂ゆん                きさきゆね                  aomi                    Candi❤

P.S  白川相也/alicyuki haven’t been doing full cosplay lately , but she take cosplay test of her new wig and make up.


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