Happy Birthday Post

I’m typing this entry up for quite a few reasons. The main reason is because today is Kazuki-kun’s birthday. So the guy doesn’t show up much on TRT to post, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore him! He’s an amazing guy, and that’s not something I say often. Tomorrow’s also my own birthday (I’m finally 14!!!), so I won’t be on for the whole weekend. Anyways, I wanted to honor the themes of birthday, cake, memories, and friends, so here’s quite a number of posts for you guys! Enjoy! :P

Zipped Files: http://www.mediafire.com/?con7w36jo3zn7jo


19 responses to “Happy Birthday Post

  1. Haha, Thanks Night! Happy Early Birthday to you as well!

    TRT Members and Followers, I will not be posting anything this weekend but I do have a pretty awesome review going that I will post soon.

    • Right…this review had better be awesome enough for you to be slacking off. xD But no problem!

  2. Happy Birthday to everyone! Mine’s soon too, i can’t wait, I’m turning 14! (though i’m still 10 at restaurants. Thank God for my asian smallness.)

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