Simple Flash Game: Hopping Tenshi

Ok, quick post and a few announcements. Firstly, I would like to welcome the new co-authors of TRT. Hello there, and enjoy your stay here.

Secondly, about last week. So probably nobody knows nor cares, but last Sunday I made my way down to Anime North 2011. Even though some of the things and especially the ticket to get in is very pricey ($35/person on Sunday – Saturday…don’t even ask), the contents inside the con was really worth it. It was way too short though (only 3 days last weekend). I walked in there with around $48 and came out with only around $13 left. Pretty awesome still – I manage to get some photos of people cosplaying at least.

Thirdly, some unfortunate announcements. It’s already June, which is the end month of the entire school semester. For me, I’ve got loads of work already. I’ve got plentiful of projects, assignments, tests and practical exams coming up. EQAO is approaching in roughly around 2 weeks and right after that exams are hitting the highway. Due to all this work coming up, my weekly posts will start to become irregular and if the situation gets worst then I probably cannot post anything until by end June (after exams). Sorry to all, but I hope the rest of the authors here at TRT will cover that up with their own awesome posts.

As for this small post finally after all that, here’s a little stress relief Touhou flash game that I’ve been playing lately. It’s very simple and all, which I like to play this when I’m taking a break from all my workload. Very similar to the frog jumping game from the iPhone apps, Tenshi automatically jumps and you only need to navigate left and right to step on the platforms. The #s at the bottom indicates your total height and the games keeps going until you fall.

Here’s the website for the game:


Have fun guys!


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