Vocaloid Wallpaper Pack 13

I nearly forgot that I have promised to at least post one wallpaper pack this week, so I compiled these wallpapers in a bit of hurry. There are some Black Rock Shooter wallpapers in this pack and I know some of you guys probably will whine about them not being Vocaloid but I don’t care. It fits the pack nicely and it’s related to Vocaloid anyway. So without further a do, I also want to congratulate two of our newest members and happy birthday to Kazuki!
Zipped File Download – https://www.onlinefilefolder.com/4sKwBLn4ohe8ly


2 responses to “Vocaloid Wallpaper Pack 13

  1. omgee i love you~~~ you included sound horizon in there (and my fav album by them!) thank yuuu <3

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