Doujin Game: Cloudphobia

Cloudphobia is a shooting game where you get to control a Gundam-like robot and slay everything that is coming your way. You also get to choose between two modes of attacking, either with a gun or a sword.

What is a little bit annoying about this game is that you have an invisible mothership to protect on your left. So you can’t let too much enemy pass you as they can harm the mothership and you will lose once the health of the mothership has depleted. Another nuisance on the gameplay is that not only you have to pay attention on enemy bullet or attack, there are several stage which requires you to reach the boss in a specific time limit.

You will be equipped with a jet boost on your leg and you have to hurry before the time runs out. Lastly, the graphic of this game is really stylish and so beautiful to enjoy (why dodging every enemy bullets, khekeke).

Download Link:


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