Doujin Game: Erst Kerf

Another unique shooting game which combined with a vast dungeon exploring opportunities is Erst Kerf. You will have to be able to use every object in the game to your advantage for hiding from enemies’ attack and believe me, when enemies are attacking, it will be like raining bullets.

You will also get an option to change shooting mode along your dungeon exploration. Overall, it’s an exciting game to play and you probably need to play with a PC mouse since changing angle and shooting are done with the mouse.

Unfortunately, no English patch is available or can be found, but the menu is still in English. Probably you can’t enjoy the story if you don’t understand Japanese.

I have a trouble categorizing the game for the Game section, but maybe it’s appropriate to put this to the action adventure genre because of the emphasis on the dungeon exploration part. Well, I guess that’s it for today’s doujin game. Have fun on playing those game and I hope you enjoy the selection I made today.

Download Link:


One response to “Doujin Game: Erst Kerf

  1. Addicting… I’ve only uncovered a few shooting modes (Line, Double, Knife (all default), Wing, Spear, Spread, Plasma, Reflector Gun [RefGun], Boost, Doll, Spill, and Charge, but I’m excited to get more… So here’s what I’ve gotten so far.

    Line: Single line stream of energy bullets. Almost doesn’t drain Force (just a teeny line…)

    Double: two lines of energy bullets; depletes Force faster

    Knife: can block most enemy bullets; drains a big chunk of force, BUT deals a huge amount of damage to bosses

    Wing: Releases spread-shot formation of energy bullets; drains Force way faster than Double

    Spear: fast, powerful singletarget shot

    Spread: Releases a ball that explodes on impact and damages nearby enemy units

    Plasma: Releases a ball of energy that damages all enemy units it passes through. It travels a bit fast, and the damage ain’t so good, but when you have a bunched line of ’em…

    RefGun: Allows you to shoot 4 streams of energy bullets BUT they will bounce off walls/obstacles twice… Pretty nifty for killing off enemies behind that big obnoxious tank

    Boost: Does what it says: gives a boost of speed forward.

    Doll: summons a clone that fires only Line, BUT can be a big help to clear out heavily-concentrated enemies

    Spill: summons a big block to guard you, or can be used to bounce off RefGun. Needs a bit of skill to use effectively.


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