Doujin Game: Ether Vapor

Another shooting game but this time you get to control a plane with 3 modes of shooting: straight, spread, and lock. Each of this shooting mode has their own charged state. If you hold down the spread shot button until the charged state is full, you will unleash a barrier shot which can damage the surrounding enemy and protect yourself from enemy’s projectile.

Not only that, the game introduces many angle changing scene so you won’t just have a stage from sideview but also from bird’s eye view and many other (You will get what I mean once you have watched the video). I guess this feature kept me off from feeling bored.

Another important point to add to this game is that it has a cool soundtrack. I always humming to the song whenever I play this game and pretend I’m playing the piano while actually I’m having a hard time dodging the enemy bullet.

Download Link:

English Patch:


5 responses to “Doujin Game: Ether Vapor

  1. Hmm… Something like a cross between Einhander and Raiden II? Curiouser and curiouser, as has been said before…

  2. how come after i start the game i cannot do anything. the sky and ocean thing keep looping and then enter demonstration mode. any one can help me?

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