Daily AMV – On the floor (Jennifer Lopez)

Todays AMV is a Mix of anime. (Gurren Lagann – Yoko special, The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Rosario + Vampire capu 2, K-ON) It is a really fun, upbeat video. The creator is one of my favorite editors out there, so I loved seeing this video from her. She put some amazing effects in there as well.


8 responses to “Daily AMV – On the floor (Jennifer Lopez)

  1. oooh very nice
    while on amvs, have you seen Empty Motion?
    Personally i think it’s one of the best AMV’s out
    check it out ^w^

    • No, I havent. *googles it* 0_o Damn thats good! I might feature it in one of my future posts.

      • oh you should ;D
        if you want, i can link you to some of the best AMV’s i’ve seen OwO)b

    • (I wouldn’t let me reply to your most recent comment) I would love to see them. If you could make a playlist on youtube, and send the link to me that would be awesome ^-^

      • alright ^w^

        theres the playlist
        i’ll be adding more AMV’s as i find them or as they’re uploaded so
        check it whenever ^w^

      • oh also, about the ‘Eureka Seven – I’l Attack con sub’ AMV
        the original got deleted \(ToT)/
        so i had to use that one T_T

      • :D no problem
        you should subscribe to Vermillionzer0, he’s the main uploader of AMV’s that i watch

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