Daily AMV – Toradora! – Rough Love (Grow a Pear)

Well, I dont have much time to write today. So here is a quick post for you.

TORADORA!!! I haven’t actually see it yet, but it looks like a really good anime. This was also at the last convention I went to, and it won best romance comedy.  It also got best comedy at anime Boston. There is a lot more info in the video desc. Well, Mom is yelling at me right now to hurry up. Bye!


13 responses to “Daily AMV – Toradora! – Rough Love (Grow a Pear)

  1. oooh nice amv OwO)b
    Toradora is a must watch
    very good romantic comedy anime
    try watching it as soon as you can OwO)/

  2. Don’t really like the effort put into syncing the song and the characters made it feel forced

    Not to mention the song itself doesn’t fit Toradora at all

    Hate to be harsh but I hate bad amvs of my favorite shows

    • Torrigan, I did not make this AMV, If you wish to complain about it please do so on the comments section for the actual video, not here. And not to sound rude or anything, please dont call it bad unless you can do better. constructive criticism is OK, but as I said, I did not make this video, nor am I related to the creator in any way.

    • Nah, it’s a legitimate comment and please don’t tell anyone to comment anywhere else. And you don’t have to be talented to say an AMV is bad. It’s the same as commenting a bad play in a sport match without having the requirement to be exceptional on playing the related sport. Lastly, I don’t think Torrigan is blaming you, he just commenting on the AMV.

      • Sorry, I understand what you saying now. I guess it just really got to me since I make videos myself. Gomen, Trorrigan

    • @Torrigan I understand your point about some of it being a bit forced, and based on the clip usage you would be correct by the fact that most of the blushing clips were pulled out of context of where Taiga is actually thinking about Kitamura and not Ryuji.

      When it comes to matching a show and song, people do this much like how one relates a particular song to their own life, even though it may not exactly match, there is a connection that person sees. The connection between song and anime boils down to similarities and it will never be perfect unless the song was written especially for the show. Despite this, I have been told by many that this video got them watching the show and they have really enjoyed the show itself as well. That in itself makes me happy that I was able to share a show through an AMV and inspire people to watch the original show.

      I understand there is some sensitive ground when it comes to taking a great show like Toradora! and fan reactions can vary. While many people see the connection, I know that not everyone will and I appologize if I have offended you with my video.

      When it comes to good and bad for AMVs, you need to be more specific. I am open to criticism, so if you feel the cut pace, effects, or lipsync was poorly done please leave notes as to how it can be improved in the future, I’m all for that. If you basically do not like the concept, I appologize, there is not a lot I can correct there without having a competely different concept. I will admit I was not expecting such a warm response to this video based on the song choice.

      @Neru-Chan I am honored that you chose to post my video and I am glad you enjoyed it enough to post it :)! Just a quick correction for you, it won best romance at Anime Boston, not best comedy ;)!

      • Ahh, Gomen. I would go fix that, but t wont let me edit the post anymore. Really great video BTW.

  3. I have not watched the anime yet either, but I have read all of the light novels.. in my opinion the song does fit fairly well, cause taiga does like ryu a LOT, and one could interpret ryu’s OCD about cleaning to be be a super feminine trait, hence the song being fitting.

    I think the anime only covers the first 2 or 3 of the LN’s and with 10 total.. I wouldn’t really consider the anime to be representations of the characters personalities..

  4. How I hate it to be living in germany, because I can’t watch the video… :(
    Anyway, ToraDora! is a really great comedy-romance Anime, one of the best of all times imho(love Taiga), you should really watch it as soon as you can. ^_^

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