Featured Cosplayer: Chloe (the Sushi-Monster)

There’s not much for me to say in this post other then to enjoy and oogle at this amazing cosplayer. Her name’s Chloe and she can rock it like no other cosplayer that I have known. There’s something very badass about her style and what she chooses to do. Honestly, this girl is simply amazing. Not only because of her looks, but also because of the fact that almost all her costume and makeup is hand made or hand applied. She doesn’t have any one else to do it for her. Next time, I might actually do a guy, but not many guys cosplay real well, so it’s gonna be a challenge. -___- Now I’m going to go relax…3 more days of school and Middle School graduation is coming up. I’m going to be so tired by the end of it all. Anyways, enjoy all this!


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