Doujin Game: Elepaper

Remember the anime Read or Die? Well, this is a side action adventure game featuring the characters from ROD. For you who aren’t familiar with ROD, it is a story about three sisters who can manipulate papers. I’m not going to bore you about the story plot for now but so far the anime has the TV version which features the three sisters and the OAV version featuring Yomiko Readman (another paper manipulator).

And in this game, you get to control those characters: the three sisters and Yomiko Readman. This game is a type of street brawl action adventure game which is similar to that Bare Knuckle (Good classic game). I personally love to use Yomiko Readman just because I love her in her action in the OAV version.

One more wondering notice is that in this game, there is an enemy which resembles Mechazawa or is actually Mechazawa from Cromartie Highschool. A hilarious cameo I should say.

Download Link:


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