Honesty is not an Option: The Sick Mentality of Indonesian People

Hey guys, this is a post that I just need to share to everybody since it brought to my attention about how sick the people in my country, Indonesia, can be. Friday, 10th June 2011, Ny Siami was demanded to be casted away from her own village by the villagers. Reason? Because she reported the elementary school that her child’s was attending to allow students to cheat on their final exams.

And when I say to allow cheating to students, it means that the school probably supports all the students to cheat the exam by letting the students to look to Ny Siami’s child’s answer sheet. Perhaps this is the correct time to shout “What the fuck!!!!!”. Has my nation became this imbecile? Where an obvious righteous call of being honest is being judge as outlawed just because the rest of the group say so?

And they have the balls to say that the woman is making the name of the school looked bad. I dare say that all of those villagers who said that needed to be slapped by a donkey’s ass. I mean seriously, the teachers who got involved in this scheme admitted his wrongdoing and he decided to stepped down from his position. But still, the villagers are not satisfied and wanted her to be casted away.

Has honesty become a virtue that is not in Indonesians’ mind set? No wonder many idiots exists in my nation’s government. They all probably cheated on their fucking exams. However to be honest, I also have cheated on my exams in my past and I know I’m being a hypocrite in this post (Damn, I hate myself), but at least I have the decency of not judging my action as being a right thing to do. Cheating in the exam is wrong and that’s the end to it.

News source: http://www.surya.co.id/2011/06/10/ny-siami-si-jujur-yang-malah-ajur


17 responses to “Honesty is not an Option: The Sick Mentality of Indonesian People

  1. Actually, the school doesn’t give them the answer sheet, but they let the students cheat from Ny Siami’s daughter which is a honorary student in their school.
    But still, HEY!!!! WHAT THE HELL??? Is my country this retarded?? That they can’t even define which is right and which is wrong……..

  2. Egad.. And here I thought my homeland can’t get any worse.. Not that I didn’t expect this tho. Well, incorrigible idiots are just.. sigh, I have lost my words.

  3. hmm… Guess every nation got their own bussiness to handle with?? Malaysia too, have their own problem….

  4. i just graduated from my high school.. and you know what? me and all my friends got an exam answer key and i did use it for math.. ;_; and now I feel guilty… oTL Sial…

  5. Here in the States it’s no different…..I was actually kicked out of a support group for being honest…something about no one needs to hear truth if its hurtful…and I am like WTF…my son got sent home for the day…for correcting the teacher on a mistake she made during a lecture…I do homeschool my kids as well…anyway she said he was being disruptive and sent him home…he is 11…that shows the horrible quality of education here…my child learnes more at home in 2 hours…than he does in the classroom…..

  6. I don’t know what to say…

    In my country, teachers are encouraged to pass their students up until 7th grade because “failing would hurt their self-esteem and motivation to continue studies”. The other day I went to a friend’s house and he was with his nephew helping him with a text from his school book which the kid could barely read. His nephew is in 5th grade. When I asked my friend how was that possible he said that teacher’s can’t fail students up till 4th grade. I was like ‘What’s this, I don’t even…’

    The world was supposed to have ended in May? Part of me wishes it had =\

  7. ah… that’s right. u know what.. just because i tell my friend in junior high to be honest and just use his last 3 year effort of study to do the national exam, and guess what i get?? some beating from a whole class. now that’s what i call nice life @@ btw i am indonesian … that’s more than enough reason to judge the educational system in this country is a failure…

      • no need for that …. i like peace @@ and btw i just graduated from high school recently.. but there is no beating up again.. because they BUY THE TEST’S ANSWER oh man… that’s so messed up.. they pay for school for 3 years and pay for more for the answer… and they buy it from the people in the educational department .. wow.. what a messed up life >,,

      • If to gain peace means that you can’t fight for what you deem to be correct, then that is no peace. That’s just flat out running away from problems.

      • well.. i get your point .. but when i try to get my grudge,, i think the same thing will happen again .. so.. well i think i will just forgive them, but not necesserily i will be quiet if that happen to me again though..

      • Well, if you let bullying off the hook, all you will be doing is just make this sick culture blooms. Stand and fight for yourself, make sure you get respected. Tell them to think twice before they try to bully you. It’s a fight worth fighting for.

  8. Okay, I’ve heard this news from my friend, the hell I just saw. The villagers are idiot, they even can’t think which one is right or wrong, damn I’m so lol’ed.
    Luckily I’m not a High School Student anymore (but I’m feeling guilty for what I’ve done during the Final Exam though).

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