Sasuke and Lady Gaga

O_o Where did I come up with that title? -gets disturbing mental image of sasuke in a bubble dress-

Anyways, I was browsing YouTube today and came across some interesting things: Noriaki Suguyama and a Vocaloid song. Lets start with the Vocaloid!

Most cover songs for Vocaloid’s are sung in English. I had yet to see one that the lyrics were changed to Japanese. But then I found this version of Telephone. It is sung by Miku and Rin, and made by the amazing ChaoFreak1. So far Chao has not released the lyrics for it yet, so I wont be able to give you that :(   Rin makes a great Beyonce! XD

Noriaki Suguyama is the VA for many characters that you might know. England (APH) William T. Spears (Kuroshitsuji) Sasuke (Naruto) and many others. He has released character songs for all of those characters, and a few others. He also has his own album. (Yes, you can now listen to your beloved Sasuke sing) One of my favorite songs by him is one of  William T. Spears.


I have also made a YT playlist of all of his songs I have been able to find.

There are 17 songs total, The first 9 are character songs, and the rest are from his album.


You can see all the characters he has voiced here:







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