Support to Siami: Honesty Shall not be Alienated!

If you are wondering about what this post is all about, maybe you want to read the previous story on this link. So congratulation you stupid assholes, this woman has been forced out from her town to take refuge to Solo, which is another town in Indonesia.

I could not believe that there is such hypocrisy running through the veins of these assholes. They are blatantly sending a message that honesty is just a crap that has no value in this country. How stupid is that? And to think that this is one of the most religious countries in the world, they are just behaving like a one-celled lifeform. Correct that, at least protozoa still has a function in the ecosystem.

However, one of the representative in the government has taken a stand to defend Ms. Siami and calling her to be delegated as a national role-model of honesty. Sir, you have my standing applause for doing such a right thing and I too shall take my stand in defending this woman. Defending honesty is a must and without honesty, there will be no trust. Didn’t we aspire for such thing when we shout to the corrupted Government? Now when there is such honesty being trampled by such arrogant assholes, where is your voice?

Take stand now and declare war against dishonesty! I will not let my identity as an Indonesian to be represented as an arrogant, dishonest, and hypocrite person.

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3 responses to “Support to Siami: Honesty Shall not be Alienated!

  1. Mrs. Siami is all over the news lately, I’m glad that there’s anyone SMART in my country who want to take a stand for her and her child.

    The small civilain of Indonesia just BRAINWASHED by those STUPID corruptor, they loves to cheat and such. Government here is too PUSHING off all shits of their curriculum which made the student going lazy and stuff.

    Elementary school is just like that, I mean junior high and senior high students can AFFORD THE TEST ANSWERS or contacting their cram school teacher for answers. But I think no one in Government would offend that because it will make the graduation percentage worsen.

    Oh, sorry for the random rant, I’m Indonesian.

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