Artbook : Starry☆Sky

I’ve manage to download quite a ton of artbook these few weeks and i’ve been wanting to share all of them with you. [ Bit by Bit ]
Since i still don’t know how to use the mirror site so i’ll just stick to mediafire :X

This game is an otome game and the guys are follow after one horoscope each ^ ^
Althought they have already made and release the anime , i still prefer the game itself.
Total there are for parts of Starry☆SkySpring , Summer , Autumn & Winter , Each featuring 3 boys
Till now i’ve only manage to down 2 of the PSP version but it’s still nice ^ ^

Starry☆Sky Fan Book 1st ~Spring&Summer~ Download [100 pages] :


Starry☆Sky Fan Book 2nd ~Autumn&Winter~
Download [133 pages]:


Bonus Infomation:
Suzuya Tohzuki is voiced by Daisuke Ono( He’s one of the best Voice Actor , and also Sebastian Michaelis Voice Actor)

Although there are only 12 horoscope and only 12 guys appeared in the game.
There’s a Special character 13th by the name of  Shiki Kagurazaka that appeared in a special CD.


2 responses to “Artbook : Starry☆Sky

  1. Wow thanks for the upload!! Really love the artworks and I appreciate that you share it! But, there are 5 files corrupted, 009.jpg, 36.jpg, 40.jpg, 51.jpg and 73.jpg. If possible, can you please reupload these missing files? Thanks a lot!

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