Daily AMV – [Air TV] Awakening Curse

Sorry for no posts in the last few days, WordPress was being an ass and wouldn’t let me log in.

This lovely one was made by Hikayagami. She is by far on of the best editors I have seen. Once again, There is not much to say about this one, you just have to watch it.

Warning: If you have already seen Air, you may find yourself sobbing uncontrollably. Do not worry, this is perfectly normal. Sort of……


One response to “Daily AMV – [Air TV] Awakening Curse

  1. O.O good amv liked it more than the series didn’t make me cry…the anime felt like it was either trying to hard to be sad which is strange for KEY they tend to be subtle or I’m just used to Key brand drama

    Good use of song nice images but the constant meshing of multiple pics got a bit annoying 7/10

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