Stupid Comment: There is no Cheating in Gadel II/577 Elementary School ‘s Exam

This is the continuation of the ongoing saga on the case of exam cheating in Gadel II/577 elementary school, Surabaya, Indonesia. If you are curious about how the story end up to this point, you might want to read the previous post on this link.

So, now the government has taken a comment on the case of Ms. Siami and guess what they are saying? No cheating whatsoever in the exam!

The ministry of education, M. Nuh, and the governor of Surabaya, Tri Rismaharini, stated that there is no indication that cheating occurs in Gadel II/577 elementary school’s exam and therefore there is no obligation to do a re-exam on that particular elementary school. Furthermore, they said the two teachers’ that initially were convicted of letting the students cheated on their exam can appeal for a reinstatement to the school.

This is what worries me again, guys. This type of incoherensy is what begins the Prita case. If the government concludes that there is no cheating whatsoever in this particular elemntary school, it opens an opportunity for the school to sue Ms. Siami for name blemishing on the school. And what makes it more appalling is that the government just shut off the case and make a rash conclusion without doing any investigation whatsoever. It is as if Ms. Siami’s testimony doesn’t matter and treated as a heresay. It is as if the two teachers who admits of their wrongdoing are not being considered at all as a factor that there is in fact a cheating in the exam.

I’m sorry if this post bores you as maybe this is not the type of post you are expecting from this blog. However, I have to take a stand against this injustice and corrupted nation. I want to let everybody knows that they are not alone when it comes to protecting what is true. At least they know that I will be with them who supports honesty and justice.

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5 responses to “Stupid Comment: There is no Cheating in Gadel II/577 Elementary School ‘s Exam

    • That is just plain horrible. But then again…I doubt that the government can be convinced otherwise. What people don’t want to see, they just don’t choose to see point blank.

  1. What kind of teacher that does not think of their students future? I mean, come on, letting the students to copy the answer in an exam. What are they thinking, donuts?

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