I’m making a double post this time! ^ ^

1st topic!
I know i’m a little slower , but i don’t think i will be that slow.. >.<
I’ve heard that there’s a new Vocaloid is joining the current family around Sept 2011 !!
Her is 蒼姫ラピス(Aoki Lapis), voice demo has not been release yet.
But her Official Website had release her Character design !

IMHO I think that she’s not very “Vocaloid” looking , maybe her artist[Carnelian] has overdone her outfit by a little…
Her appearance seems very princess-like and her costume looks fantasy-like to me, especially her see-thru ruffles skirt.
But still… i do find her cute ^ ^ [ Oh Oh!!! Reverse Anti-Holic Hair!!!]

Here’s her character design !!


6 responses to “VOCALOID3 ?

    • @Avante : Yup yup~ She was described as a resemblance of Kaiko :D
      @Dark_Necromancer : ikr!! ^ ^ maybe the color concept was good :)
      @HomuHomu (Aelita59) : Because she her color concept is blue(cyan actually) and has short hair? hehes :X
      @Kyrie Eleison Miku is famous enough, so i think its fine , just curious about her voice bank since there is no demo yet ;s

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