Cosplay: Final Fantasy XIII – Lightning

This is gonna be a fast post and i’m going off9 to bed!
Sorry guys , i’m super tired today , but i thought it wouldn’t be nice to delay such post since it’s been quite long since i do a Cosplay post.

And Guy! I introduce to you Lightning from FF-XIII
Most of you would have know her very well :)

<— Moe Lightning Right?! x3!!

I don’t really wish to describe much bout her costume this time because i’m really tired…
But you can get her Costume in the cosplay marketplace ,urprisingly Lightning’s costume have one of the highest accuracy in marketplace [Unless you want to do the Dissidia 012 version]

Just Remember to style up your fringe to make it a little spikey and try to carry her blade around [ She looks weird without one, and trust me , its hard to pose without it ]

                 Chilly                                 みり                                   Chilly

          沙谷                    立花レイナ                   桜火                    緋奈莉

          いおり                    Asuka                     片桐 綾                      卯ー

Lastly ,I have a question for everyone!



One response to “Cosplay: Final Fantasy XIII – Lightning

  1. I playing in FF-XIII on PS3 – very long gameplay story)).
    And i think Oerba Dia Vanile is more kawaii char ^ ^ Waiting for her cosplay

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