Doujin Game: Mikuman X

This is a rather old game featuring Hatsune Miku with a game platform similarities to Rockman. If you love Miku (who doesn’t love her?) and you want to be nostalgic on playing a Rockman-like game then this game is for you.

There are two installments for this game which the other one I will post it shortly but basically you will be playing as Hatsune Miku with two types of attack: close-ranged leek attack and long-ranged blaster attack which consumes your blue bar. This game is rather chaotic and demands fast finger response (maybe you will need your joystick).

However, you want to fill up your red bar once you reach the boss since you will need it to heal your health. Anyway, I will save the tip for next time after you try this game out. Enjoy playing then, everyone!



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