Doujin Game: Mikuman X2

This is the second installment of Mikuman X and this time you get to control Kagamine Rin although at the first stage you will be controlling Hatsune Miku for a brief moment. This game is another parody game just like the previous one with Morrigan or Mario as the example of bosses.

Now, you get to have 6 stage selection and each defeated boss will grant you the power of the boss itself (just like in the normal Rockman game). And also, did I mention that you get to control Kagamine Rin? However you could also switch to Hatsune Miku in the middle of the game although I prefer Kagamine Rin for her long-ranged attacks (Miku doesn’t have her long-ranged attack anymore).

Overall, this particular game installment is not as difficult in terms of gameplay as the previous one where you hardly have a time to breath or relax. Well, I guess I just leave it there for you to try it for yourself.



5 responses to “Doujin Game: Mikuman X2

  1. …seriously? Mikuman X2?
    ……Well, actually, I played the first one and it was the worst game I have ever played in my life.
    Mikuman X had bad convience, bad leveldesign, bad controlls, a difficulty curve that consisted out of ONE BONEBREAKING STUPID DIFFICULTYSPIKE AND on top of all, it is disgraceful to the name of Megaman X (Which is on of the best games ever made. Seriously, play it and you know what I mean) and Hatsune Miku.
    I wished they’d come down to earth and unfuck themself with Mikuman X2 but, as it seems, they didn’t…
    And Don’t give me something like “It’s a parody”!
    A Parody is no excuse to make a REALLY bad game.
    Even Cho Aniki, which is terrible on your Mind and Eyes, is still designed decently and playable. Those two games here, aren’t. Well, X2 is a little better, but not by much.
    If there is a X3, I hope they finally get it right.

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