Doujin Game: Vanguard Princess

This is another fighting game but perhaps suited for you who loves bishoujo. The characters are basically all girls, some with exceptionally large breast (I’m beginning to feel a leering presence of drool and nosebleed). This fighting game employs a support partner system where each main fighter can call for a partner support to do a combo move.

So far, I haven’t found any English patch for this particular game. The game itself is on the 8th version featuring additional characters to be played. And did I forget to mention that there are also a lot of Loli characters in this game? Ou, I guess I also get your attention on the game, huh, loli lover?

Another point worth mentioning is that when Sou-chan test this game, the movement control is a little bit awkward. It is placed on the key f, g, h, and t for the directional button. You can change the control of the character by accessing game.ini and modify the key by referring to ASCII character map, but I personally prefer using a joystick (as I always been doing for every fighting game).



17 responses to “Doujin Game: Vanguard Princess

  1. Hmm, there are a lot of complaints about this game. I might try it again and report if there is something I can do. However, this might take a while, I’m in Amsterdam right now and I will continue to go to Belgium until Wednesday.

    • ahhh the usual “You don’t have your unicode settings in Japanese” problem.
      In my major forum, you’ll get flamed to hell, since this is really the common problem for people who wants to play Japanese games.

      Just change your unicode to Japanese or use applocale, make sure you already installed the East Asian Language pack.

      • And in another major forum you’ll get banned for just asking this error question. It’s usually in the FAQ of each forum, people who fail to read it will be banned in that another major forum.

  2. Hmm… I’m getting this error message: “C:\Users\Mi\Documents\doujinz\ZPed\Vanguard Princess.rar: Unexpected end of archive”… What the *nyan*~?!

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