Google Chrome Theme: Aegis

Okay, this is a request from OmegaSui for a Persona 3 Chrome theme (or Aegis in this case). Thanks for the reminder there and I hope this fits to your taste.

Skin Name: Aegis

File Size: 860 KB

Color Theme: Red


Note: An explanation about how to use this file can be observed at the Chrome page. Happy downloading!


3 responses to “Google Chrome Theme: Aegis

  1. Ah perfect! Just needed a new Chrome Theme. Just the place to go. Thanks!

    Also, seems like theres a lot of P3 love here. Any P4 love by any chance, perchance a tiny bit just to show an interest for the upcoming anime?

  2. As Jumpei would say: Sweeeeeet! I never thought that someone would create a Persona Theme n__n!
    This is great, you have my eternal gratitude. By the way, nice website.

  3. I was going to request a theme with this picture, but decided to take a look first. Was not disappointed.

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