Cosplayer of the Day : ゆっこ(Yukko)

I’m gonna be away until 27th June for Cosfest X.1 !!
Cosplaying , Day 1 as Yukari Yakumo from Touhou and Day 2 as Chou(Butterfly) Miku
And i won’t be able to post anything when i’m there [unless i get myself a lappy and internet :X]

So i’ll just submit one last post today before i book in to my chalet tomorrow morning ^ ^

This time i’m happy enough to introduce to everyone Yukko,
She is very famous for her tekken cosplay ^ ^
Of cause she is very sweet and i admire every single details of her props and costume xD! [credits to accuracy]

Cure / Album  (Image is found under 花-仮装-) / Blog


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