Daily AMV – Umineko AMV – Alice Human Sacrifice

WARNING: There is some blood in this one, but nothing that will scar you for life. Well………Maybe.

This one was made by the lovely Layra. This one has to be one of my all time favorite videos, mainly because the clips actual MATCH the lyrics. Perfectly!! I have not actually seen Umineko yet, but i’m working on it. I just finished watching Higurashi season 1, and downloaded the episodes for Kai. The song is the ever famous Vocaloid, yet not Vocaloid, song “Alice of Human Sacrifice”  And, unless you can understand Japanese, make sure to have subtitles on, or the video wont make any sense.

Well, I’m off to summer camp, so I wont be able to post untill next Monday-ish. See ya then!!


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