Touhou Image Pack

Guys i’m finally back home and found time to online! :D
I’ve noticed that there hasn’t been much post since i left for the event o.o…
I’ve also noticed the sudden spam of thumbs down on lots of posts? ;o…
It’s been super tiring at the event and my energy has been completely drain x.x…

And as promise the next pack will be touhou image pack and the next few packs , i will be following ranking :)
But sorry if this pack isn’t as nice as you’ve expected i was starting out with the other artworks , but i promise the next touhou pack will be better :)

Here’s the result of the poll that i will be following,
Touhou 31.5%  (80 votes)
VOCALOID 20.47%  (52 votes)
Black Rock Shooter 16.14%  (41 votes)
Puella Magi Madoka Magica 16.54%  (42 votes)
K-on! 15.35%  (39 votes)

Download Link[500Image] :



*All Rightful Credits goes to their original artist.
I only take Credits for compiling this Image Pack for everyone to enjoy

And since Timberwolf357 requested me to post my cosplay, i’ll upload one of the image that was taken at the event that’s also touhou related.
Please go easy on me…I had many costume malfunction on that day and i didn’t noticed it until a certain period of time  -is embarrassed…-  T ^ T


4 responses to “Touhou Image Pack

  1. Yeeeaaahhh….
    Im waiting for this….
    Thnx for upload this…
    btw your cosplay is CUTEEE….>o<
    Im waiting for your next touhou pack ^o^

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