Doujin Game: Touhou Pocket War Evolution

Osu, TRT-Readers…

Since this is practically my first Blog-Post, please look over me with kind eyes…
Well then, let’s go…
My first post will be about a Touhou-related game, a RPG-type of game that’s mainly text-based with a twist of Card Game in it for the fighting system to be more precise…

You play as the main Character, who’s a Touhou-obsessed Otaku and was eagerly awaiting a Card-Game that uses Gacha-Figurines…

It features quite a lot of the girls up ’til Touhou Chireiden ~ Subterranean Animism and there also is a EVO+ expansion that includes the whole cast of Touhou Seirensen ~ Unidentified Fantastic Object, but sadly there isn’t a translation patch for it, so it would just revert back to being japanese if you use that…

The target of the game is to save Gensokyo alongside Marisa and the others, get the girls to like you by defeating them and giving them presents and also to collect all Spellcards and Outfits for your Gacha-Figurinecollection…

BTW: Since I don’t know, how that Mirror-Site’s working, I’ve decided on using Mediafire…
Patch v1.07:

English Patch: (needs v1.07)

Official Website:


7 responses to “Doujin Game: Touhou Pocket War Evolution

  1. Umm, I’m not exactly sure because I haven’t played this game in a while after getting the final character (spoiler!), but from quite a few months back, a partial english patch for EVOPlus was available for download. When I used it, it sort of covered everything except for some map area names. Hopefully it’s either complete now, or still available on the net o3o

  2. If you require a connection to the mirror site for uploading files, you can contact me or OnimenoJ to get an administrator access to the mirror site. I’ll tell you a little bit more detail once you decided to use the mirror site, at the meantime, I will download the link from mediafire and put it on the mirror site.

  3. How exactly is this supposed to work i downloaded the 1st part and was trying to open it and move it to a folder but its not working im really confused. Am i just missing something?

    • well i downloaded it by the mirror site thing but can i still use the english patch and the 1.07 patch with that?

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