Cosplay : JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Jolyne Kujo[空条徐倫]

I’ve been so busy sorting out my cosplay photo after the event x.x!~
I’ll be doing quick post from now on until i am able to relax and stare at the comp with a cup of tea >.<…
And i’ve started using my own blog , just that it will be a repeated post of what has been shown here :)

 Jolyne Kujo from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6

Old School Anime Plz~ :3

If you are a really OLD otaku, I bet you wont have any problem identifying her.
But if you belong to the New Age of anime fans like me , their might be a “?” on the top of your head :)

To me she just look like a punkish , emo girl with many different styles,
her most unique cosplay part should be her bun and multi color hair,
especially the part where you get to play around with her hair color.

Her tight fitting spider web-design latex costume are also very interesting :3

       村鬼璃羅                      向井                         みk                      千架
           子虎                    ヲトヒメ ゼロ                    しょう                      ハル

            藍川 雪之丞                                紗奈                                 シュラ


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