Black Rock Shooter Wallpaper Pack 2

I’m giving an additional pictures to the current Black Rock Shooter wallpaper pack series cause it seems not fair that this particular series gets a little recognition. So I hope I’m up to the standard as Frace-senpai to be giving this wallpaper pack to you.

Zipped File Download –


4 responses to “Black Rock Shooter Wallpaper Pack 2

  1. Wow, lots of ones I hadn’t seen before. And great ones too! Glad to see this series is still getting attention^^

    You guys always post awesome wallpapers, every time there’s a new pack or wallpaper of the week I can’t resist changing my wallpaper xD

    Thank you

  2. Clap clap. A very nice collection you have here. I already have some of these but you had a lot of very nice ones that met my personal criteria.

    I also like how you feel I set the BRS standard. I actually feel somewhat accomplished, which is nice considering how the last few days have been for me.

    Thank you.

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