Ring Suzune & Lui Hibiki: New Vocaloids!

Hee guys! Today I want to introduce Ring Suzune & Lui Hibiki. I don’t know if you guys know them, but they are new vocaloids! Here some info about them:

On the left:

VFS-01L Lui Hibiki (Original name: Lui)
Voice provider: Still searching!
Boy, 12 years old
155cm, 43kg
His arms and legs are very bright.
Easily mistaken for a girl because of his graceful manners.

On the right:

VFS-01R Ring Suzune
Voice provider: MiKA (Vocalist DaisyxDaisy, known from Fairy Tale OP “Evidence”)
Girl, 17 years old
160cm, 44kg
Light-hearted, doesn’t have high aspirations, but she’s hard-working.

As you can see, they still don’t have a voice provider for Lui. It’s sad but they are still auditioning both male & female! HatsuneMikuMiku (twitter) said that Ring will be released around Fall/Winter 2011 (Can’t wait ^3^/) and Lui around Fall/Winter 2012. So we still need to wait for Ring’s demo songs! What do you think about Ring & Lui? Please let us know! Beneath you can see Lui, who was drawn by Yuukari and the second is Ring, who was drawn by Muraichi(As you can see her name Suzunone changed to Suzune) Say tuned for more updates about Ring & Lui!



4 responses to “Ring Suzune & Lui Hibiki: New Vocaloids!

  1. Oh yes, I heard about this! Hm…I’m eagerly wondering who they’ll find for Lui…hopefully it’ll be good!

  2. why do they use blue on ring?…sorry but it looks to much like hastu…
    There are so many beatiful colors and the took blue (türkis) from hastune xD!?
    …sorry but i don’t like it so much =/

    and lui seems to be a mix from len and gumi oO

  3. Guys, there are so many vocaloids out there. It’s not like they can’t use the same color another time to design an Vocaloid. And Ring looks nothing like Miku (besides being the color blue, but Miku’s teal so whatever). And the Vocaloids will look similar sometimes. Deal with it people.

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