Kesuki’s Anime Expo 2011’s Obtained Arts

Hello everyone, This is my first time posting… well pictures onto a blog so I may end up doing this wrong >_>;

Anyways, being at Anime Expo for the past 4 days was fun, not sure if anyone else was there but I was able to obtain a reasonable amount of pictures, art, etc.

The shameful part being that I do not have a scanner to fit the bigger arts I have purchased… need to find a way to get them uploaded to my computer..  I have added three pictures that were cut off sadly (dizzy, morrigan and the random girl) =(

At the moment though all I have are a bunch of  Puella Magi Madoka Magica… erm so hopefully you like that =x

Below you will see what I have obtained for art (well a majority of it. The other ones are too big to scan >_<;), hopefully everyone enjoys them ^_^

Also the one in pencil is an art I had commissioned by an artist at Anime Expo to draw, you can see it as the cover picture to this post =D

Download Link:


3 responses to “Kesuki’s Anime Expo 2011’s Obtained Arts

  1. Its a shame, I wish I could have uploaded Dizzy without it being cut off, would have asked for it to be turned into a rainmeter =(
    It looks pretty…

  2. I wish I can go to AX, gah.. Mikunopolis, the FAkkuXDannyChoo Meet up and the whole other thing. T_T

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