Cosplayer of the Day : かさね(Kasane)

I was shock that my comp couldn’t turn on this morning, at the start it works,
But after that it gave me a Yellow Screen of Death [May i ask if anyone get such thing before?]
After that it took me more then 10 tries of on and off to get my computer to work.
So i got scared and thought i should do all the things i wanna do before my comp dies on me again.

Okies , Kasane first caught my attention with her Kaine cosplay
But i didnt took much attention to who was she,
Until another of her cosplay caught my attention , this time it was Beatrice.
So i thought i should keep up with her cosplay updates as well as introduce her to you guys ^ ^

Cure / ROM BlogBlogCosp / DeviantArt


4 responses to “Cosplayer of the Day : かさね(Kasane)

  1. Usually, Yellow screen of death doesn’t happen anymore since this is related to a web application crashing the OS. Did you recently install or upgrade any program that has the capability of using the svchost.exe? If you do, try to do a system restore point or run a virus scan. I recommend ESET NOD 32 for scanning the virus.

    • mmm…I did download a plug-in for my broswer,but i’m not sure if svchost.exe was used.
      I’m noit using mac lols.
      Any i’ve dl-ed the program and scanned already , 14virus , cleaned 3?… lols

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