[Graphics] Alice Sig + PSD

 So I usually don’t do this, but this time I decided I’d try it out and make it an exception… Anyways, here I have for you a signature of beloved Alice Margatroid. Actually I have 2 variants of said sig, the originally intended colors, and a rustic old photograph looking version. I rather enjoyed making this, as I just happened to do it over livecam with a friend, but yeah, here’s the end results of such:

The full color one:

The monochrome one:

Yes these can be used as sigs anywhere. As I’ve stated in my other posts, as long as you don’t claim ownership, I’m cool with you guys using them… And of course, as stated in the title, I’ll be giving out the PSD. I hate to sound rude but the PSD is the one thing I’m truly worried about. I really hope you use it for learning rather than for modifying…

Credits for brushes/textures go to their rightful artists… as if I could remember who. (If you see your stuff used here please send me a link to your site/account)



22 responses to “[Graphics] Alice Sig + PSD

  1. Beautiful sig! Thank you for the PSD, now I know that I should mess around with the layer modes more often when I try to make a sig ^^

    Also, do you go to a specific place to get renders / Backgrounds or do you just make them yourself? I’ve been trying for months to make a wallpaper but I just can’t find the correct background for it >.<

    Thanks again for the PSD file, it's very enlightening ^^

    • For my images I usually frequent Safebooru.org, but for renders, I’ll sometimes sneak a peak at planetrenders.net. You need to sign up to use them but it’s free and a really easy process.

      As for my textures and brushes, I get a bulk of them off of deviantart, but i suggest using places like celestial-star.net along with other graphic and resource sites to get textures at well. I’d give you more links but sadly, ever since my site went down, I kinda haven’t recovered them.

      • I didn’t know about celestial-star.net. Looks like a good place for renders / textures and those tutorials might come in handy.
        I usually stay away from the booru sites, their search system confuses me sometimes xD. For images I much prefer Zerochan.net.
        I’m actually registered in planetrenders.net and it’s my main source for renders and textures.
        I’m also on deviantART and indeed it is the superior source for brushes and some fonts, especially since I use GIMP instead of Photoshop xD

        Maybe it’s me being lazy or picky, but none of these sites have the scenic background that I’m looking for (or any other sites for that matter) =(

        Oh well, thank you very much for the links and keep up the awesome work ;) (I’ve taken a look at your recent post with 5 sigs and they’re pretty sweet btw)

        PS.: sorry if this is a double post, it didn’t appear the first time for some reason…

  2. oh well…i can work them out (hopefully owo)/ )
    used photoshop to make nds themes for a few months so i kinda know what you did. Emphasise on the kinda xP

  3. That looks really good.
    Is it possible to request 1?
    If so, any info you need?
    I would love to have a mima sig with “Evil spirit” as her title.

  4. Hey, Vi-chan. Would you be willing to be a moderator of “Sig” section that I will create if you agree. I’m seeing a potential in making your signature making into a dedicated page so that everyone can request for a sig there.

    • Ok, I’ve set your permission to create a page. Here’s what you have to do: On your dashboard or admin page, Click Pages > Add New. There, name the page “Sig” and you will be starting your own page to write. Don’t worry about how to make it as a link on top of the blog, it will do automatically once you publish it. Also, make sure you stick to the format by looking at other page sections such as Rainmeter, Chrome, Winamp, or Game. Looking forward to it!

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