Top 5 Badass Heroes

There has been two reviews about top 5 badass female anime characters and I think it would not be fair not to shed a light to the male characters that I deem to be cool enough to be idolized by me. So, here it is, my verdict for 5 badass male anime characters. To me, a cool male character doesn’t have to be having superpowers and stuff. It’s all about the attitude and the principle that the character has, so if you think my selection is not up to your standard, let’s have a debate. Also, this selection probably bias to the extent of my limited anime that I watched.

Sakata Gintoki from Gintama

What can I say about this guy? Usually, I’m not very fond of any anime characters from Jump. But I guess, this guys is an exception. Sakata Gintoki probably the only Jump character that doesn’t have to shout out his special move because he doesn’t have one (Well, he was nearly given a bankai move from his wooden sword which he rejected coldly). Oh yeah, did I already told you that his weapon of choice is a wooden sword? But don’t underestimate him, he could be lethal once he grab a katana. One of the traits that makes me think that he’s cool is that he always keep things simple. He might be lax and easy-going but in his mind he has one goal, to protect everyone he cares about. Who cares about bankai, kagebunshin, or sharingan when you have Gintoki’s iron will. He will not be defeated and he is close to being immortal no matter how much blood coming out from his wound. He will always stand up and fight with all his will. Last but not least, he is often or not all the time very hilarious to watch, which makes him a complete character to watch.

  Shiki Tohno from Melty Blood

Born in a Satsujinki clan, Shiki Tohno inherited Eyes of Death Perception which can see fatal lines of almost anything that has a beginning of creation. Equipped with a knife, whenever his eyes are at work he can even cut a True Ancestor into pieces in a blink of an eye. I’m attracted to this guy since I started playing Melty Blood. To me, Shiki Tohno is the definition of a true assassin: swift and lethal. What makes me fond of his character is that he tries to suppress his assassin’s bloodlust while containing that huge potential of his power.

  Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop

Probably similar to Sakata Gintoki’s demeanor, Spike Spiegel is also my favourite male character for the same reason. Spike has the same easy-going attitude as being proficient with his handgun. However, whenever the story relates to Julia and Vicious, you will see another personality of Spike which is alot more serious and vengeful. When selecting for Spike, I was also think about including Vash de Stampede from Trigun, but I guess I’m leaning on Spike here just because he has a cool afro and doesn’t wear a stand out clothes. And the scene where he fight Vicious (guns versus sword) gotta be my strongest reason for picking him as one of the coolest characters in anime.

  Sousuke Sagara from Full Metal Panic

What happens when you put a sergeant on duty to protect a highschool girl while undercovering as a student? Sousuke Sagara gotta be the character that is the most fun to watch. He doesn’t have any common sense at all to interact with other normal people and he uses his combat instinct to deal with school problems. The result? Of course a hilarious catastrophy that makes you laugh all day long. His debut in Full Metal Panic Fumoffu has to be one of the most hilarious stuffs I ever seen from an anime. So now you are asking me in what way this guy is cool when whenever you see him, he makes you laugh? Now, go fire up your Bittorrent application or go to whatever anime streaming you can find and try to watch Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid to watch how badass a soldier Sousuke Sagara really is.

  Rokuro Okajima from Black Lagoon

A former businessman who quit his job after being kidnapped by the Black Lagoon company and declared dead by his boss. He then joing the Black Lagoon company to be a somekind of a negotiator or strategist for the Black Lagoon company. Different from other previous characters, he is not proficient in any combat skill. However, his interpersonal skill somewhat fits in to his environment which is full of bandit, mafia, and mobs. As Shinjiro Hayashida from Cromartie Highschool quotes, “If you see a bunny living happily with a herd of lions, would you not call that bunny to be a badass bunny?”. And that’s why I think Rock is a very badass character in his own way.


9 responses to “Top 5 Badass Heroes

  1. You know, I completely agree with you…except I think Izaya Orihara is super cool. Then again, it’s my own personal opinion, but Ojii-chan, you’ve got good taste! Now, are you going to do one for the Heroines?

  2. Izaya is not a hero, he’s an anti-hero since he plays the opposing part against the three main heroes from Durarara!! Anyway, I have done the heroines twice. Just search it or consult the Omake section.

  3. Spike is in his rightful place. Amongst badasses. Though I must say, the lack of either Kittan or Simon from TTGL is saddening. Baw.

    Also I would like to see your take on video game characters, just out of curiosity.

  4. Well, to me they are more of an underdog characters. It’s not fair to compare them with these guys who are already gifted with special abilities (and by that there is no point of story that the character has to develop his ability or power). I’m planning to include them in my next list which more focus on being an underdog.

  5. Hmm pretty good list, although you missed some like Guts (Berserk), Kenshin (Samurai X), or even bunch of DBZ characters. But yeah, I can’t miss these five characters especially Spike and Gin-san.

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