Doujin Game: Nitroid

A fairly new platform puzzle game featuring Nitori Kawashiro. It is like a typical Mario Bros. platform game except most of the level are quite expansive. You will start as Nitori Kawashiro without any ability to kill an enemy (Don’t try to stomp on them yet since you don’t have the ability to do so).

What makes this game unique is that you will get different kinds of ability over the game period that will help you to tackle the puzzle and you will need to collect mushrooms (again, this is not so that you can grow bigger) so that you can exchange them for various item with Marisa Kirisame.

Too bad I can’t find any English patch for this game since this game is newly published. I will try to look out if there is one out there and if any of you, readers, find it please share it here so that we can enjoy the game. That would be really appreciated.

Download Link:


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