[Graphics] 5 sigs + PSD

 Ah yet another post in the dead of night. Lol. So it seems like once again I’ve got a heap of new things for you, along with the PSDs this time. I filled some of the requests I’ve got so yeah… I’m hoping the person I have the last request for will let me change images, as I can’t come up with anything for it… Regardless here’s the stuff:

Sig 1&2: Lambda 88 sig for Delphinus

He asked for something a little less bright on the colors. So I made the first one… We both agreed it lacked, so a well placed texture resulted in the 2nd. I like the 2nd far more though…

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?qe71sv6qs7bw4xo

Sig 3: Mima for Assirra

I like this one, even though I’m royally sick of Touhou requests lol. The requested text was “Evil Spirit” but I looked through her other titles. I liked her PoDD one more (Spirit Who Leaves Fate to the Dream of Eternity) so I kind of altered it. Its way more fitting than something like “Evil Spirit” for a sig like this… I also tried my hand at typography. I suck.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?j6885a61izll48o

Sig 4: Hazama

Because I wanted him here. Simple enough as that.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?kfxhyhnf64tqkpj

Sig 5: Nue for Cirno⑨

There’s not a lot of good nue artwork out there, so I went for artwork by Meola. Everyone likes Meola. EVERYONE. This sig’s rather simple. I overheated my creativity center for today anyways…

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?pxsdo8slpwjphvn

Okay, well that’s it for tonight, though I do wanna say 2 things…

1: Alice has 65 downloads. I’m amazed. Didn’t know so many liked it…

2: I’ll provide another batch of icons soon. The only grouping I have a lot for is Tales of The Abyss… after that Ill shell out some more to add to my amount of BlazBlue and Pokemon ones… idk after that…


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